Whether you’ve lost your keys, require a repair to an existing lock or need an upgrade on your locking system to improve home security, the team at Don’t Panic Locksmiths Ltd are on hand to help.

As an independent company we believe strongly in delivering a positive customer experience. We will endeavour to use traditional locksmith methods to fix the lock cleanly and avoid potential damage to your locking system.


The majority of our customers think about locksmiths when they’re locked out of their home or business and this naturally forms a lot of the work that we do. But it doesn’t stop there as this is just one of the many services that professional locksmiths provide.

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Many people forget but if you’ve just moved into a new house then one of the first things you need do is change the locks. We often get asked ‘Why?’ but when we point out that there is no record of how many keys have been cut previously for that property, and that anyone could be walking round with a key to their home or business then it soon become clear.

Other reasons to choose a locksmith include any circumstances where security is paramount. If you have property to protect a professional locksmith can show you the best way to secure it.

Of course you can choose to buy and fit locks yourself but you need to be sure that in doing so you do the job correctly and more importantly that the lock type chosen is in line with your insurance policies. If you are unsure simply talk to us and we can help you.


Locksmiths are a pretty versatile bunch (well, we are!) and as well as the usual stuff we also help clients with;

  • Car Key Cutting – we can cut keys for a range of vehicles and can arrange for replacement keys for most types of car and van
  • Security improvements – new bolts, chains, better locks etc.
  • Key Cutting – we can cut keys for any type of lock such as your garage, front door, back door key, upvc door keys, padlock keys etc.
  • Access Control Systems – we can help you when access to secure areas is of paramount importance with either key or code based systems.
  • Safes for home and business – we supply and install all types of safes for business and homes across the West Midlands
  • Aluminium Door Security – making sure that your aluminium doors and patio doors are secure and that the locks fit perfectly to secure your property.
  • Window Security – keeping windows across your home and business secure with the correct locks for your insurance
  • Patio Door Security – we help you make sure that the more vulnerable parts of your home are secured properly against intrusion.