Window Security


Ensuring your property is completely safe involves more than just your door locks, with window security being an essential priority for property security. Locks should be fitted to all windows in a vulnerable position such as the ground floor of a building, and high quality window locks can help to secure your property against forced entry by opportunistic burglars.


Windows are quite obviously a main entry point for would-be burglars, so ensuring your window security is up to scratch is essential to keeping your property secure. You should ensure your windows and locks meet enhanced security performance requirements, for the purposes of both safety and meeting insurance safety requirements.

At Don’t Panic Locksmith’s we offer a wide range of window locks to fit all windows, whether you’re looking to prevent potential forced entry or prevent children opening easy to reach windows from inside. We also offer solutions for locking windows open for ventilation purposes.

We offer numerous window security solutions including:

  • Window Security
  • Window Locks
  • Window Snaplock
  • Sash Jammers
  • Universal Presbolt

Most window locks are operated by common keys, which is not a security problem as the locks can only be accessed from the inside.


Our Sash Jammers are built to the highest quality to ensure durability, whilst being easy to fit and operate for extra security.
Sash Jammers are designed simply to screw into your door or window frame, and to be used in a similar fashion to a door bolt would be on a standard wooden door, with the ability to turn the sash jammer over the door or window to prevent it opening.
Suitable for use on all uPVC windows and doors, our Sash Jammers can be used with our without lock in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs.
Sash Jammers are an ideal additional security measure for all uPVC windows and doors and are easy to install and use.

For more information or advice on additional security call us free on 0800 118 2507.

How many Sash Jammers do you need?
Small Window – 1 Sash Jammer
Large Window / Single Door – 2 Sash Jammers (Top and bottom)
French Doors / Patio Doors – 4 Sash Jammers (2 Top, 2 Bottom)

To find out more about our window security services and window lock options available, or for professional advice on securing your property call us free on 0800 118 2507.